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Sales Tax USA helps thousands of small businesses make their websites, apps & accounting software run smoother with accurate sales tax rates & simple no-code tools to manage your tax.

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Things to make managing sales tax easier for you

We get it, you’re busy. Spend more time selling and less time accounting with our simple and no-code tools to help your websites manage sales tax.


All US sales tax rates in one simple CSV file for WooCommerce.

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Manage your finances easily with our custom built Excel templates.

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Get accurate sales tax USA rates for 2022

Keep your website & apps compliant with accurate sales tax USA rates. Our dedicated team keeps our database up to date with the latest rates so you can sit back and relax.

 StateCombinedLocal RateState Rate2022 Population
Wyoming State SealAlabama9.140%5.140%4.000%5,073,187
Oregon State SealAlaska1.430%1.430%0.000%738,023
Arizona State SealArizona8.370%2.770%5.600%7,303,398
Washington State SealArkansas9.430%2.930%6.500%3,030,646
California State SealCalifornia8.560%1.310%7.250%39,995,077
Colorado State SealColorado7.630%4.730%2.900%5,922,618
Connecticut State SealConnecticut6.350%0.000%6.350%3,612,314
New Hampshire State SealDelaware0.000%0.000%0.000%1,008,350
West Virginia State SealFlorida7.050%1.050%6.000%22,085,563
New York State SealGeorgia7.290%3.290%4.000%10,916,760
Hawaii State SealHawaii4.410%0.410%4.000%1,474,265
Vermont State SealIdaho6.030%0.030%6.000%1,893,410
Texas State SealIllinois8.740%2.490%6.250%12,808,884
Tennessee State SealIndiana7.000%0.000%7.000%6,845,874
South Carolina State SealIowa6.820%0.820%6.000%3,219,171
Kansas State SealKansas8.670%2.170%6.500%2,954,832
Pennsylvania State SealKentucky6.000%0.000%6.000%4,539,130
Louisiana State SealLouisiana9.450%5.000%4.450%4,682,633
Nebraska State SealMaine5.500%0.000%5.500%1,369,159
Michigan State SealMaryland6.000%0.000%6.000%6,257,958
Massachusetts State SealMassachusetts6.250%0.000%6.250%7,126,375
Maryland State SealMichigan6.000%0.000%6.000%10,116,069
Minnesota State SealMinnesota7.430%0.550%6.880%5,787,008
Rhode Island State SealMississippi7.070%0.070%7.000%2,960,075
Missouri State SealMissouri8.130%3.900%4.230%6,188,111
Montana State SealMontana0.000%0.000%0.000%1,103,187
Maine State SealNebraska6.850%1.350%5.500%1,988,536
Nevada State SealNevada8.140%1.290%6.850%3,185,426
Delaware State SealNew Hampshire0.000%0.000%0.000%1,389,741
New Jersey State SealNew Jersey6.600%-0.030%6.630%9,388,414
New Mexico State SealNew Mexico7.820%2.690%5.130%2,129,190
Georgia State SealNew York8.490%4.490%4.000%20,365,879
North Carolina State SealNorth Carolina6.970%2.220%4.750%10,620,168
Wisconsin State SealNorth Dakota6.850%1.850%5.000%800,394
Ohio State SealOhio7.170%1.420%5.750%11,852,036
South Dakota State SealOklahoma8.920%4.420%4.500%4,000,953
Alaska State SealOregon0.000%0.000%0.000%4,318,492
Kentucky State SealPennsylvania6.340%0.340%6.000%13,062,764
Mississippi State SealRhode Island7.000%0.000%7.000%1,106,341
Iowa State SealSouth Carolina7.430%1.430%6.000%5,217,037
Oklahoma State SealSouth Dakota6.400%1.900%4.500%901,165
Indiana State SealTennessee9.470%2.470%7.000%7,023,788
Illinois State SealTexas8.190%1.940%6.250%29,945,493
Utah State SealUtah6.940%0.990%5.950%3,373,162
Idaho State SealVermont6.180%0.180%6.000%646,545
Virginia State SealVirginia5.650%0.350%5.300%8,757,467
Arkansas State SealWashington9.170%2.670%6.500%7,901,429
Florida State SealWest Virginia6.390%0.390%6.000%1,781,860
North Dakota State SealWisconsin5.440%0.440%5.000%5,935,064
Alabama State SealWyoming5.360%1.360%4.000%579,495

Sales tax can be hard, we’d like to make things easier for you.

Sales Tax USA provides simple sales tax products & solutions to help your business concentrate on the things it does best; selling.

Everything you need to know about sales tax in the USA

What is sales tax?

Sales tax is a type of consumption tax levied by the government on the sale of products and services by businesses and individuals. In a traditional sales tax system, taxes are collected at the moment of sale and then remitted to the government by the shop. It is a business’ responsibility to pay sales taxes in a given jurisdiction if the company has a nexus there, which can be a physical presence, an employee, an associate, or some other form of presence, depending on the rules in that country.

Taxes on conventional or retail sales are solely levied against the final purchaser of a good or service. The bulk of items in modern economies transit through multiple phases of manufacturing, which are sometimes handled by different businesses, necessitating a substantial quantity of documentation in order to establish who is ultimately accountable for state sales tax. Consider the following scenario: a sheep farmer sells his wool to a firm that creates yarn. When selling yarn, a yarn manufacturer must acquire a state sales tax exemption from the government, stating that it is not the ultimate user of the yarn being sold to them. The yarn manufacturer then sells its product to a garment manufacturer, who is likewise required to obtain a resale certificate for the goods. Finally, the garment manufacturer sells fuzzy socks to a retail outlet, which will charge the buyer state sales tax in addition to the price of the fuzzy socks purchased by the customer.

Distinct jurisdictions and local governments impose different state sales taxes, which frequently overlap, as is the case when states, counties, and municipalities all levy their respective sales taxes on top of each other, for example. Sales taxes are closely related to use taxes, which are levied on residents who purchase products from outside their jurisdiction and then use those items within their jurisdiction. These are normally levied at the same rate as sales taxes, but because they are difficult to enforce, they are only applied in practice on major purchases of physical commodities, such as automobiles. For example, if a Georgia citizen purchases a car in Florida, she will be forced to pay the state’s sales tax, just as if she had purchased the automobile in her home state.

What is a tax nexus?

In order to determine which agencies, and hence which states, you must pay tax to, the first step is to determine which agencies you must pay tax to. What state you have a connection with is determined by whether the connection is physical – such as the warehouse where you store the items – or non-physical – such as the contact person who assists you in selling the goods.

The relationship between your organization and the state is referred to as a nexus. If your company is subject to state sales tax, Nexus will assess whether or not you are due. If you do not have a physical presence in a state, you are not required to pay taxes in that state. For many small businesses that are just getting started, you may only have a nexus in your home state, which means that you only collect sales tax in your home state. This is where using an automated tax service becomes problematic because it is not designed to deal with a single state. With our WooCommerce Sales Tax CSV, we made it simple to eliminate WooCommerce sales tax rates that you don’t need, allowing WooCommerce to take care of the taxes for you: charge tax in your state, but not charge any tax in any other state.

You will be required to register and pay taxes in each state where your company has a physical presence. Registering in your home state (in which your company is located), declaring that you are attending on business, indicating states where you have fulfillment services, remote employees, and affiliate marketing programs are all examples of what you should do. Your company will receive an official sales tax license as a result of your registration. Businesses selling taxable items in their state are required to register with the state at least 1-2 weeks before the sale takes place.

What are the types of taxes in the USA?

VAT/GST and other indirect taxes are classified into the following categories.

It should be noted that the United States (US) does not have a nationwide sales tax system. In contrast, indirect taxes are levied at the subnational level rather than at the national level. Each state has the ability to implement its own sales and use tax, subject to the constraints imposed by the United States Constitution. Local governments (for example, cities and counties) levy sales and use taxes in a number of states as well.

Is there any other type of indirect tax?

Taxpayers may be liable to a variety of taxes and fees, including property taxes, excise taxes, telecommunication taxes and surcharges, business license obligations, and unclaimed property reporting requirements, depending on the jurisdiction.

What types of transactions are subject to sales and use taxation?

Transactions involving the sale of “tangible personal property” and some services, in general, are subject to taxation. The definition of tangible personal property varies from state to state. A number of states have also imposed taxes on digital items (e.g. digital audio works, e-books, streaming video). Most states restrict the application of the tax to services that are specifically listed in statute. Several states, on the other hand, tax practically all services.

What are the regular rates for sales and use taxes, as well as any additional rates (such as a reduced rate)?

In the USA, there is no national state sales tax, and hence no uniform rate. Sales or use tax rates vary from state to state, with rates ranging from 2.9 percent to 7.25 percent at the state level in the United States. In addition to the state rate, local governments in 35 states levy an extra sales or use tax ranging from 1 to 5 percent on top of the state rate.
On specific types of property, such as food for home consumption, residential utilities and manufacturing-related machinery, several states offer lower or zero-interest rates.

How many state sales tax rates are there?

There is over 40,000 individual state sales tax rates in the USA. The best way to estimate the number is by counting the ZIP codes throughout the United States as each ZIP has it’s own jurisdiction and tax rate. There are 41,683 ZIP codes in the USA as of April 2022. This number is always increasing as cities expand and populations grow over time, creating the need for new ZIP codes to be generated.

What's the difference between sales tax and use tax?

When a vendor sells anything in a state where it has no nexus, it can’t be forced to collect “sales tax”. That does not, however, imply that the transaction is exempt. If a vendor fails to collect sales tax on a taxable sale, the buyer or consumer must remit use tax to the state and/or municipal tax authorities.

When consumers make taxable purchases in jurisdictions with lower tax rates than their home town, they must also pay consumer use tax. For example, if you reside in sunny Sequim, Washington, and buy a mobile home in tax-free Oregon, you’ll almost certainly owe Sequim’s 8.8% consumer use tax when you’re not on the road. You’ll probably owe the 2.8 percent difference if you buy it in Boise, Idaho, where the sales tax rate is 6%. The buyer, not the vendor, bears the task of reporting and remitting consumer use tax in both cases.

When products are acquired overseas for use at home, the same applies. While you might not receive a tax notice for failing to pay consumer use tax on a £15 book purchased in London, don’t be shocked if the tax authorities pursue consumer use tax on a 150,000 Turkish Lira rug purchased in Istanbul.

Consumer use tax differs from seller use tax (aka retailer use tax, vendor use tax, or merchant use tax).

When a vendor sells to a customer in a state where it does not have a physical presence but is registered to do business, it is subject to seller use tax. Simply put, if your company has a physical presence in a state, you’re required to collect sales tax; if you don’t have a physical presence in a state but must collect tax there, you’ll often have to collect seller use tax.

Seller use tax is now collected at a much higher rate than it was previously. The Supreme Court of the United States overturned a physical presence criterion that had previously precluded states from taxing remote sales on June 21, 2018. In the case of South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc., the court determined that a company’s “economic and virtual interactions” with a state were sufficient to establish nexus.

Since the June verdict, more than 30 states have enacted distant seller sales tax legislation, with more expected this year. As a result, more states are making it mandatory for enterprises to collect and return seller use tax.

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