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woocommerce sales tax

All 50 US states’ sales tax in one handy csv file. Complete tax compliance in one-click.

Download Now - $19 29
Lifetime Updates - $79

$19 – includes 6 months of updates & support
$79 – lifetime updates & support

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Blazing fast tax calculations

Pulling data from automated services is slow. Host sales tax rates on your own server with just one-click and get instant calculations that will keep your customers checking out.

Compatible WooCommerce 3.6+, WordPress 4.0+

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Simplify the complexity of US sales tax for your store.


One-click upload

Just upload the csv to your WooCommerce site and you’re done.


Fully compliant

Accurate tax rates for all 50 US states.


Save money

The cheapest way to automate sales tax.

Download Now - $19 29
Lifetime Updates - $79

Using automated tax plugins is SLOW!

When you use an automated WooCommerce tax plugin, you are constantly trying to pull that data from the plugin’s server. You have no idea where that server is, it could be 2000 miles from you (that’s if it’s in the US at all). It’s SUPER slow. Tax rates pulled from your own website’s database are instant. Don’t make customers wait to find out how much things cost. Bleh.

Using automated tax plugins is EXPENSIVE!

All WooCommerce automated tax plugins require a paid subscription to get the tax rates. They are pretty expensive when you think about it. Ours is $19 and you can keep it for life. We update it all the time to keep it current. Download forever. Pay once. Easy.

No need for a WooCommerce sales tax plugin

Don’t pay for a subscription or install an extra plugin. Our WooCommerce sales tax CSV has everything you need to stay tax compliant in one simple file.

How many different state tax rates are there in the US?

There’s currently 41,702 individual ZIP codes in the United States, each of which is used for tracking mail and gathering geographical statistics. In an ideal world we could use ZIP codes to organize tax rates, however due to some states authorizing cities, counties or their local districts to set their own tax rates, we end up with multiple tax rates in one ZIP code! What a f***ing nightmare. We’ve condensed our file to 28,342 individual tax rates which cover all 50 US states. Come get some baby.

Do I need to collect state taxes in the US?

Yes. The US Supreme Court has changed the game and ruled that states can now decide to collect sales tax. Not all of them decided to, but most of them do.

Do I need to collect state taxes if I’m selling from outside the US?

If you’re not a US citizen for tax purposes, or your business is not located in the US, then no. Don’t worry about this and don’t buy our csv.

Do you give tax advice?

No we don’t. You need a qualified accountant to advise you on tax. We are just trying to make the WooCommerce tax setup a little easier for you. We do not offer tax advise and do not guarantee tax compliance with this file.

Why a WooCommerce sales tax rates CSV download?

To put it bluntly, it’s faster and it’s cheaper. WooCommerce allows bulk import of tax rates in one-click using CSV files. We’ve created a spreadsheet incorporating over 58,000 individual state tax rates for the USA. Our WooCommerce sales tax CSV download will automate your tax needs in one-click. Read more about why it’s faster here.

Is WooCommerce Tax easy to implement

Yes it is. In fact, it’s just a simple one-click upload with our CSV file. WooCommerce tax calculations are done by WooCommerce using the data and priorities from our CSV. As one of the most popular ecommerce solutions on the internet, WooCommerce does a stellar job of handling and calculating sales tax on all different stores and types of products. You won’t find an easier solution to implement than ours!

Why choose WooCommerce?

We love it. WooCommerce is the best ecommerce system on the market built on the back of one of the best CMS’ on the market; WordPress. The WooCommerce ecosystem allows us to create products like this one for the Woo community and be part of thousands of online stores and product sales. It’s developer friendly, fast and easy to use. You should be building all your ecommerce websites in WooCommerce.

Loved by people across the globe. Trusted and used by many companies and people everyday.

Activated on over 4,000 stores and counting. Get your taxes sorted on your WooCommerce store today.

Katrin P

It's really easy to upload then you're ready to go. One less thing to worry about.

Jez Ryan

This is a game changer. It's saved me so much time!

Michael Kord

This CSV has everything you need. All states working beautifully, no need to stress. I just pass on the invoices to my accountant and everything runs smoothly.

Coen Sonck

It's simple and the price is right. My agency is adding this to every new store that we launch.

Nicole Hardnan

Saves a lot of time and effort without the monthly payments! Thank you.

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